• Generac's sleek, slim design will fit in beautifully with your current landscaping. Custom-made, pre-fabricated concrete pads avoid the mess and hassle of poured concrete.
  • For large generators or difficult placements, we will co-ordinate professional crane truck delivery.
  • Another example of our customized installations. We work with the layout of your home or business to ensure safe and sturdy placement.
  • Be prepared for the winter - a generator ensures that your holidays can proceed as planned.
Last week some of our staff we’re in late working on a server upgrade just as the power went out for about 15 minutes. When it happened, the UPS’s kicked in automatically, the generator started, and everything switched over to the Gen. 15 minutes later when the power came back on everything revered back to hydro as expected. Thanks to you and your crew for an excellent install and a system that clearly meets our needs. Well done! Cheers, Terry Terence W. Kuehn, Interdev, Toronto
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