Customer Testimonials

It really works automatically!!!!!!

Last week some of our staff we’re in late working on a server upgrade just as the power went out for about 15 minutes. When it happened, the UPS’s kicked in automatically, the generator started, and everything switched over to the Gen. 15 minutes later when the power came back on everything revered back to hydro as expected. Thanks to you and your crew for an excellent install and a system that clearly meets our needs. Well done! Cheers, Terry

-Terence W. Kuehn, Interdev, Toronto

Very reliable!!!!!!

I installed a 7kW in winter 2003-2004. It has been self-testing perfectly every single week since. It gave me the emergency power necessary during at least 10 outages in this period. And when we were hit by a tornado that destroyed 2 homes near us and the ski facility, it ran non stop for 68 hours. All of this for less than the price of a Sub Zero fridge !!!!

-Fabia, Georgian Peaks, Collingwood